Become a member

No experience

In case you don’t have any experience in rowing or in case you’re a little insecure because it’s such a long time ago that you’ve been in a boat, you can sign up for our basic rowing instruction. The course takes place every spring and consists of 20 lessons concerning the fundamental ideas of rowing and steering.

The course is short but intense:  you’ll row either every Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoon (‘diza’), or every Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon (‘dozo’). After the first ten lessons you’ll decide whether you want to become a member. The next ten lessons will then take place within the membership of our club.

You can apply for the basic rowing instruction by sending a mail to It will be convenient for us if you can let us know your preference for diza of dozo right away.

The commissioner rowing will put you on the waiting list and in the beginning of the calendar year you’ll receive a mail with the request to definitely sign up for the basic course.

After successfully finishing the course, you’ll know quite a few rowers by that time. Together you can reserve boats and start rowing.


De Laak doesn’t offer triallessons. But via the same email address ( you can apply for a first introduction with our club. About once a month (except for July, August and January) we’ll organize an introduction, where you can see the kind of boats we row in and where you’ll get instruction on the rowing machine.

Further information can be obtained via

Prior experience

In case you do have prior experience with rowing, you can contact De Laak to get acquainted and to get a tour around our club. After having showed your rowing technique, we’ll discuss the possibilities and you can become a member right away. In that case please send a mail to in order to make an appointment.

Bylaws en Regulations

Whether you do or don’t have any rowing experience, every member is supposed to have read the Bylaws and Regulations (Statuten De Laak 20191209 and Huishoudelijk regelement De Laak 20181015).


If you have an Ooievaarspas (website in Dutch) from the City of The Hague you are entitled to a 50% reduction on the contribution.